Wo  rking with an Architect (PDF)

Working with an Architect (PDF)

Architectural design has the ability to inspire the building's occupants and provide an engaging and creative environment to live/work/play in.



Commissioning Architecture

Commissioning Architecture


I offer a range of architect services across all stages of a typical construction project, ranging from initial project feasibility through to the administration of a building contract in construction;Across all stages of the RIBA plan of work.

I specialise in highly crafted architecture, including:

  • New build houses and “paragraph 79”

    Homes in the greenbelt and aonb.

  • Refurbishment/conversion of existing buildings

  • New extensions to existing buildings

  • Historical buildings in conservation areas

  • Schools built under traditional building contracts

  • Cultural commissions

 I am willing to consider projects that vary from the work outlined above, dependent on the individual ambition of the particular commission.


Project work stages

The stages in which I may be involved in a project are based on the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) 'Plan of Work 2013' publication and can be summarised as:

  • 1 Preparation (Appraisal/feasibility, design brief)

  • 2 Concept Design

  • 3 Detail Design (Compliance with Authority requirements Building Regulations)

  • 4 Technical Design (production information, tender documentation, tender action)

  • 5 Specialist Design

  • 6 Construction (mobilisation, construction to practical completion)

  • 7 Use and Aftercare (post practical completion)

Typically I would provide architect services on a project running from '1' to '7', covering from the outline concept design through to administering the construction contract with a builder. 



Following initial enquiry and discussion as to the client's aims and ambitions for a project, the Architect's professional appointment on a project is confirmed fully in writing prior to any architectural work commencing. This documentation includes, amongst other things, clear descriptions as to the scope of services to be provided, agreed professional fee and process for resolution of any disputes which may arise.


It is common for the Architect's fee to be arranged as either; (1) A percentage of the construction costs (2) An agreed 'lump sum' based on a defined amount of work(3) A fixed hourly rate on a time-charge basis. The arrangements for the fee, including payment terms and schedule, will be agreed from the outset and clearly defined in any written appointment on a project. Professional fees vary depending on the overall requirements, complexity and specific demands of each project.